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Dr Paul Teng


Dr. Paul Teng has played an integral role in Cutis Clinic and Cutis Medical success since the beginning. Working in tandem with our admin and nursing teams, he has made sure the best care is given to our patients in every aspect of clinical service.

Dr. Teng has over 14 years of dermatology experience, many of these spent working with Dr. Lim and other renowned dermatologists with an aim to expand and hone his skills. For Dr. Teng, the entire patient journey should be smooth and efficient, from waiting room times to paperwork, and from diagnosis to cure.

Dr. Teng is highly specialised in laser therapy, ensuring he is always familiar with recent technologies and treatments and passing on this knowledge to the nursing department to make certain all of our Cutis Clinic nurses are on the same page. Together with Dr. Lim, Dr. Teng consistently pushes Cutis forward, researching the best equipment and protocols and successfully introducing them to our dermatologists, our nurses and our clients.

Dr. Teng’s other sub specialty interests include the diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis, acne, a topic dermatitis and skin cancer. Over the years, he has developed an exceptional knowledge of the causes, forms and treatments of psoriasis and is now one of the country’stop experts within this particular field. Psoriasis patients from all over the state know exactly where to come for the most efficient and personalised help with this sometimes debilitating condition.