Laser Resurfacing Brisbane

Lasers are powerful anti-aging treatments. They can be used to erase decades of wrinkles, pigmentation and imperfections, or gentle enough to provide collagen regeneration with minimal downtime. They work by emitting laser light that interacts with the skin's surface, causing the upper layers to regenerate.

Cutis Dermatology has over 35 laser and energy devices. Our clinic is the Southern Hemisphere’s hub of laser research and our aesthetic dermatologists hold positions in laser departments in Brisbane’s leading public hospitals.

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Superficial Laser Resurfacing

Superficial lasers penetrate the top layer of skin. They can improve the appearance of minor pigmentation, fine lines, enlarged pores and wrinkles. These lasers are excellent maintenance treatments with little or no downtime. They can be applied to the face, neck, chest and hands.

Mid-Level Laser Resurfacing 

Mid-level resurfacing is an excellent treatment for patients in the mid 40s to late 50s. This treatment utilises superficial and deep resurfacing lasers to address pigmentation, wrinkles, scars and skin laxity.  Downtime is less than 6 days. 

Deep Level Laser Resurfacing

Deep laser resurfacing threats to the mid dermal layer of skin. Dermatologists employ ablative erbium and CO2 lasers to erase decades of pigmentation, sun damage, etched wrinkles and scars. Deep resurfacing is performed under sedation in our laser theatres by our experienced aesthetic dermatologists. Epic resurfacing, epic results.


What is the best laser for my concerns?

Let our specialist team of dermatologists and nurses guide you through what is the best solution for your concerns and goals. Book a FREE 30-minute nurse consultation at our Brisbane clinics for a review and treatment plan. T&C applies.

Hybrid Laser Resurfacing

Classed as mid-level laser resurfacing, we combine the power of fractional CO2 with the coverage of Fraxel 1927. This combination dramatically improves skin quality, erasing years of sun damage, pigmentation and wrinkles. The combination of superficial and deeper laser light triggers natural collagen production for firmer, healthier and more radiant skin. Only one treatment is required to rejuvenate skin by up to one decade.

Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

Classed as a superficial to mid-level laser resurfacing treatment, fractional lasers create micro injury to the surface of the skin. Laser light gently removes layers of sun damaged skin and pigment to reveal brighter, healthier skin. 

Fraxel laser also reduces wrinkles, scars and enlarged pores with minimal downtime. Best used on lighter skin types, it requires 2-3 sessions for best results. 

Pico Lasers

Pico lasers are ideally suited for darker skin types or for those who don’t have downtime. Pico fractional lasers address pigment, fine lines and open pores. The clinic has two of the latest devices- the Picoway and Picosure Pro. A series of 2 - 4 sessions provide the best results. Pico lasers are also gentle enough for skin maintenance treatments and general toning.

Lasers offer precise tunable resurfacing for every skin type & skin condition

We maintain a huge laser portfolio because we do not compromise on treatments. Each laser machine is a specific tool that delivers optimal results for a particular concern. For example, Pico lasers are best for darker skin types, whilst fractional non-ablative lasers are best for lighter skin types. We constantly upgrade our devices every month. This ensures patients are getting the best treatments possible. 

CO2 Laser Resurfacing 

Classed as a deep level resurfacer, this laser is the ultimate treatment for deeply etched lines, wrinkles and decades of UV damage. It is ideal for smoker’s lines, as well as marked laxity around the eyes, mouth and jowls. One session can rejuvenate skin by up to two decades. This laser is performed by our dermatologists in an operating theatre. Big downtime, with bigger results. 

Skin care 

Caring for your skin with clinically proven skincare products, can keep it healthier and younger-looking for far longer. Whether you have had injectables, lasers or surgery, medical grade skincare can amplify and prolong your results. Our expert team of dermatologists and nurses are here to help you improve and maintain the smooth, vibrant quality of your skin.

Why Cutis Dermatology?

What are the anti-aging advantages of lasers?

Lasers can be tiered according to the level of rejuvenation required. Fractional lasers treat only a fraction of the skin with columns of light. We also control the depth of penetration; hence we can precisely target the amount of rejuvenation, whilst balancing recovery times.  

By combining &\and selecting different lasers we can address both superficial and deep skin pathology for a full scar remodelling/resurfacing treatment. This is why Cutis Dermatology has over 30 devices, this way each treatment is tailored for your concerns.

Our dermatologists have over 20 years of clinical expertise in the field of laser surgery, having trained in the UK, United States, Asia and Australia. Combined with the latest in state-of-the-art laser technology, our team can address even the most complex cases to deliver unparalleled results. 

Our laser portfolio of over 30 devices covers the very latest technology. Let our specialist team of dermatologists and nurses guide you through what is the best solution for your concerns and goals. Book a FREE 30-minute nurse consultation at our Brisbane clinics for a review and treatment plan. T&C applies.

What can laser resurfacing treat?

Laser can address the following skin concerns:

  • Wrinkles, from fine to uber deep etched creases

  • Pigmentation

  • Textural changes including age warts, fat deposits and more

  • Scars 

  • Laxity and reduced skin turgor / tone

  • Sun damage, sunspots

What cannot be treated with laser resurfacing?

  • Volume loss. This is corrected with dermal fillers or fat transfer.

  • Dark circles. Other lasers are used for this problem. 

What are the most common types of lasers we use for resurfacing?

  • CO2 & erbium lasers: eCO2, Active Fx, DeepFx, Scar Fx, Mixto, CO2RE, Fractional erbium

  • Non- ablative fractional lasers: Fraxel, LaseMD Ultra, Frax 1940, Clear & Brilliant

  • Pico fractional lasers: Picoway, Picosure Pro

Each laser system has a particular role, even within a similar wavelength. 

How many sessions will I require?

The number of treatments depends on the extent of skin aging as well as your goals. 

As a guide:

  • Mid-level laser resurfacing for wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage; 1-2 sessions.

  • Superficial resurfacing and pico lasers; 2-4 sessions.

  • Deep level resurfacing; one session. 

Is laser resurfacing safe for dark skin / ethnic patients?

We use specific lasers to treat darker skin types. This provides unparalleled anti-aging treatments, whilst minimizing side effects. Our laser portfolio for this job includes:

  • Picoway

  • Picosure Pro

  • ECO2

  • Mixto

  • CO2RE

  • Sciton Profractional Erbium laser

  • Spectra

We do not use the Ultrapulse in darker skin types. Non-ablative lasers including Fraxel are best in lighter skin types. 

Can lasers treat enlarged pores?

Lasers are effective in treating enlarged pores. As a guide:

  • Mild enlarged pores: Clear + Brilliant, Fraxel laser, Picoway 

  • Medium to large pores: CO2, erbium, Hybrid laser resurfacing

  • Enlarged pores in darker skin types: Picoway fractional , Picosure Pro

Most patients will benefit from 2-3 sessions, spaced 4-8 weeks apart. 

How much do laser treatments cost?

  • Level 1 Laser Resurfacing $460 per treatment (Clear & Brilliant)  

  • Level 2 Laser Resurfacing $1090 per treatment (Fraxel)  

  • Level 3 Laser Resurfacing $1,490 per treatment (High density Fraxel) 

  • Level 4 Laser Resurfacing $1,990 -$2490 per treatment (CO2 fractional laser +/- Fraxel laser) 

  • Level 5 Laser Resurfacing $3,990 -$5990 per treatment (CO2 fully ablative / Erbium)  

Cutis Dermatology has package deals. Enquire for our current specials.

How do I know if laser resurfacing is right for me?

Cutis Dermatology covers all aspects of skin rejuvenation, from lasers, peels, energy devices and injectables. In some cases, lasers may not be the ideal solution for your concerns and goals, so let our team guide you.

Book a FREE nurse consultation at our Brisbane clinics. *T&Cs apply

Is laser resurfacing permanent?

No, but lasers can take your skin back in time - from a few years, all the way back to two decades. From there, your skin will naturally age. The use of good skin care and regular treatments such as chemical peels and microneedling will preserve the results for years to come.