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SculpSure Fat Removal

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Can fat really be reduced within a 25 minute procedure? Absolutely, using the very latest in diode technology, Cynosure he has come up with SculpSure.  This is the latest generation of non-liposuction devices to reduce unwanted fat. With one 25 minute procedure Sculpsure fat removal can permanently remove 20-25% of adipose or fat tissue in the treated area. Too good to be true? Watch the video, review the procedure, and study the before and after pictures. In the hands of specialists at Cutis Clinic, SculpSure fat removal has a patient satisfaction rate of over 90%. Candidate selection is vital for success.

What is SculpSure Fat Removal?  SculpSure is the newest laser from CynoSure.  It uses controlled heating together with cooling cycles to breakdown fat in certain areas such as the abdomen and flanks. Unlike Coolsculpting that uses cold to permanently destroy fat cells or adipose tissue, SculpSure utilises controlled heating called thermolipolyisis to permanently remove unwanted fat from the belly and flanks. The heat is generated by a diode laser that penetrates the upper layers of skin, just to the level of the fat cells and no further. The laser is held down by applicators, and the whole SculpSure procedure takes 25 minutes to perform.

Is SculpSure safe? Absolutely.  This has been TGA and FDA together with CE approved.  This means that Sculpsure fat removal has been used in countries in Europe, the USA and in Australia.  Dr Davin Lim was one of the earlier doctors of this technology and has been using SculpSure for the past two years.  To date, there have been no long-term adverse effects from SculpSure.  Unlike Coolsculpting, there is no associated paraesthesia or nerve damage pain with SculpSure. The other advantage of SculpSure is that this laser has no downtime, meaning you can literally hit the gym after the treatment. With other treatments such as liposuction, laser liposuction, Vaser liposuction, and even Coolsculpting, downtime ranges from 2 weeks to 2 days. SculpSure remains as the stand out fat removal system with no downtime.

How does this treatment work?  SculpSure provides controlled heating to unwanted areas of fat which includes the muffin top, flanks and also the abdominal area.  Using what is known as a diode laser, it gently heats the unwanted areas of fat to a temperature of just over 43°.  This heat cycle continues for 20 minutes which is coupled with intervals of cooling.  The cooling is provided by a sapphire crystal which protects the surrounding skin.

Is SculpSure fat removal for everyone?  No.  Ideally candidates should be chosen upon there body type.  Hence, at Cutis Clinic we have over five devices to ensure that your body type is met.  SculpSure is only indicated for patients who have pinchable fat located on the flanks and abdomen.  Yes the Internet is filled with pictures of before and afters with SculpSure candidates having fat reduction from under the chin, less fat on the arms and even inner thighs; however, these are all off-label indication.  Off-label indication means that this treatment does not work as predictable as on-label indications.  For body contouring and curvature, as well as liposculpting, the use of devices such as Coolsculpting is still the number one treatment of choice.  SculpSure will only work for patients with more than 2.5 inches of  pinchable fat.

Is SculpSure painful? In truth, yes.  This pain, however, is mitigated by distraction and also with a cooling device.  The pain is subjective.  The majority of patient’s rate the pain as 3/10.  However, in some individuals, pain is more marked and hence patient are administered laughing gas.  At Cutis Clinic, we ensure that all patients are treated to the maximum tolerable level.  This ensures that fat reduction in the specified area is at its maximum.

When will I see results? SculpSure much like Coolsculpting, CoolTech and other noninvasive devices such as Liposonix, results are seen within four to six weeks.  The maximal results are seen within 12 weeks.  This is because SculpSure breaks down fat which is carried away by your immune system.  The same process works for Coolsculpting and other cryolipolysis devices.  It is your bodies immune system, which is a rate-limiting factor.

How many SculpSure treatments will I need to see a reduction in fat?  Most patients will undertake between two to three sessions.  I personally undertook two sessions.  However, some patients only need one for optimal results.  Once we get the patient to an optimal result for body fat reduction, we use other devices for more finesse and contouring such as Coolsculpting.  Remember it is not only one device but the method and the incorporation of different devices which gives the best in body contouring and fat reduction.

Why is SculpSure fat removal not the treatment for everyone? 

SculpSure Fat Removal is best for patients who would like to debulk excess fat in areas such as the abdomen and flanks. For the best results one should have significant punchable fat in these areas. For body contouring, treatments such as Coolsculpting deliver better and more consistent results. Remember, it is never about the laser or device, but the method that gives the best treatment outcomes. For Gold standard fat removal and body contouring, a clinic must know all aspects of fat removal including liposuction, Coolsculpting, Cooltech, Endymed PRO, radio frequency fat reduction and skin tightening as well as diode driven laser fat reduction. As every body type is different, it is Cutis Clinic's ethos to find the correct treatment for your body type, lifestyle, and expectations. This gives the best results. We strongly discourage patients from only seeing a clinic with one or two body contouring devices as the more options you have for your body type, the higher the chances of success to meet and exceed your expectations.

How do a book in for a SculpSure treatment to see whether body contouring is right for me?  For a complementary consult please book in with Cutis Clinic. We have an Indooroopilly location, and a Taringa location!

How experienced are our staff?

The body contourers at Cutis Clinic are of Australia’s most experienced experts in SculpSure.  We have done hundreds of treatments over the past two years.  Additionally, we are confident that we are one of Australias most highly trained body contourers as we incorporate different devices within the once centre to ensure patients receive optimal results. Book in for a complementary consultation at Cutis Clinic to see if SculpSure is the treatment of choice for your body type.

Dr. Davin Lim

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