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Explore a range of results driven cosmeceutical products hand picked by Dr Davin Lim and our dermal therapists.

The Dermaceutic Mela Cream minimises the appearance of pigment spots, harmonises complexion and promotes an even skin tone.

•  Niacinamide
•  Retinol
•  Salicylic & mandelic acids
•  Phytic acid
•  Kojic Acid, Arbutin and Licorice extract

YOUR GO TO SKIN PRODUCT FOR: Pigment spots and melasma 

HOW TO USE:  Apply once a day on the full face, focusing especially on pigmented areas. If retinol has never been used before, begin 2 times a week, increasing frequency progressively. 3 month treatment recommended. 

The Dermaceutic All Things Pigment 21 Day Kit is designed to last 21 days and is for your pigment spots, melasma or post-inflammatory pigmentation.  It is perfect for travelling and can still reduce your pigment spots and harmonise your complexion.


  • Dermaceutic Foamer 15 (30ml) eliminates impurities and dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and silky.

  • Dermaceutic C25 Cream (12ml) is an antioxidant concentrate with more than 25% of stable Vitamin C and is effective against loss of skin tonicity and irregular skin complexion.

  • Dermaceutic K-Ceutic Cream (12ml) is a repairing cream that helps restoring the skin microcirculation in order to minimise puffiness and redness.

  • Dermaceutic Mela Cream (12ml) combines the actions of 8 highly concentrated active ingredients, which slow the transfer of melanin and effectively help reduce pigmentation and melasma.


The SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector targets skin discolouration often caused by accumulated sun exposure, hormonal shifts, and the natural ageing process. . Tested across all skin tones to improve the appearance of stubborn skin discolouration and uneven skin tone as it boosts the appearance of radiance.


  • Fades the appearance of discolouration

  • Promotes even skin tone

  • Improves visible skin luminosity for renewed radiance

  • Ideal for all skin types, except very sensitive

  • Paraben-, fragrance-, and dye-free; non-comedogenic



  • 0.3% salicylic acid

  • 1% hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid

  • 0.5% ellagic acid


HOW TO USE: Once or twice daily, apply 1-2 pumps to a dry face and other areas of discolouration, or as directed by a physician. If using in the morning, apply after a SkinCeuticals vitamin C antioxidant serum and before a SkinCeuticals sunscreen.