Unlike any other treatments, Tixel is the only technology that doesn’t use laser, IPL, radiofrequency, or any other radiation, to create skin rejuvenation results. It is the only device that use pure, direct heat.

The Highlights:

  • Treats Face, Eyelids, Neck, Décolleté and Arms

  • No emitted Radiation

  • Very low discomfort without anesthesia

  • Quick healing

  • Very short down time

  • Uniform effect

  • High safety record

  • No bleeding or skin charring

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How Does Tixel Work?

Tixel, also known as Mezotix, is an exciting new facial rejuvenation device which uses thermo-mechanical ablative technology (TMA technology) to resurface, tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

The titanium tip has 81 tiny pyramid-shaped spikes that are heated to 400 degrees celsius within a handpiece. This tip is pressed momentarily onto the skin in a highly accurate and systematic mechanical application. Adjustments are made to the depth of penetration into the skin and the time duration that the tip is in contact with the skin, allowing individualised treatment outcomes.

What Should I Expect During The Treatment?

Anesthetic cream will be applied 30-60 minutes beforehand if required (however this is not necessary for Open Channel treatments). Your skin will first be cleansed and prepared by a Cutis Clinic nurse or therapist. A grid may may be marked on your face in white pencil. The machine is hand held with the metal plate passing directly onto the skin for a fraction of a second, delivering a short burst of heat, within each section of the grid until the whole treatment area has been covered.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

This depends on the area/s being treated however approximately 15 to 45 minutes. 

What Is Aftercare Like?

You should expect red, hot skin for a few hours after the treatment and ongoing redness for a few days. Eyelid treatment leaves the lids slightly swollen for a few days, but makeup can be applied after 24 hours. You must avoid touching the treatment area, to minimise infection. You must not rub or pick at any micro-crusts as this could cause scarring or hyperpigmentation. These micro-crusts will lift away naturally by day 10. Avoid all active skin care products such as retinol, vitamin C, hydroquinine, salicylic acid and exfoliant face washes for 7 days after the treatment. Also avoid sun exposure for the 7 days following your treatment, and always wear SPF.

How Much Do These Procedures Cost?

Please contact us for pricing information.

What Skin Types Can Tixel Be Performed On?

Tixel is safe for all skin types. 

When Should I Not Get Tixel?

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • If you have recently tanned your skin – we recommend you wait 4 weeks

  • If you have recently had injectable fillers or threads – we recommend that you wait 4 weeks

  • If you have recently had injectable muscle-relaxant treatments – we recommend you wait 1 week

How Effective Is Tixel?

Tixel can produce some fantastic results for the right patients. Indeed, these results have been found to be comparable or superior to fractional CO2 laser and resurfacing treatments. In particular, there is less discomfort and pain reported, as well as less downtime and a short recovery time.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This depends on the treatment mode and the individual. Full Ablative sessions achieve results faster than Medium Ablative treatments. Some people start to see results after just one treatment, however for best results the recommended treatment is a course of 3-6 sessions spaced ideally 4-6 weeks apart, with a treatment every 6 or 12 months thereafter. Open Channel treatments can be performed every 2-4 weeks.

What Are The Side Effects?

This will depend on the level of your treatment. Your skin may feel tight, warm and slightly sensitive, as if you have been in the sun, with some mild swelling and redness 24-72 hours post treatment. For the Full and Medium Ablative treatments your skin can remain pink to red for 2-3 days and a light brown micro crust will form for 7-10 days. For the lower intensity Open Channel treatment you will be able to return to normal activity the following day.